Shannon Boudreau

Shannon Boudreau

With over two decades of real estate sales experience and a remarkable track record of over $500 million in sales, Shannon has seamlessly transitioned from the bustling real estate market of New York City to become a trusted name in the Greater San Diego real estate market. Shannon's expertise and understanding of the local real estate trends have positioned her as a go-to professional in the industry. Her genuine passion for real estate and unwavering commitment to her clients have set her apart as a dedicated advocate for those she serves.

What truly distinguishes Shannon is her deep-seated dedication to her clients' satisfaction. Thriving on the challenge of problem-solving, she ensures that each transaction is smooth and seamless, providing her clients with peace of mind throughout the process. Shannon's fascination with architecture and design drives her to seek out unique and inspiring properties, adding an extra layer of excitement to the home-buying experience for her clients.


San Diego holds a special place in Shannon's heart, with its breathtaking landscape, perfect weather, and welcoming community. Drawn to the area by its natural beauty and warmth, Shannon has fully embraced her new home and is deeply committed to serving its real estate needs.


Shannon's impressive career includes being the MVP of sales at 1 Wall Street Court in Manhattan, where she proved her ability to excel in a competitive market. Holding the record for selling the most homes in Manhattan for two consecutive years, Shannon's achievements speak to her exceptional skills and dedication. Now, she brings that same level of expertise to the San Diego real estate scene, ensuring that her clients receive top-tier service and results.


Beyond her professional achievements, Shannon finds joy in her personal life, embracing her French Canadian heritage and infusing it into her everyday experiences. Whether she's crafting delicious meals in the kitchen, exploring picturesque hiking trails, or enjoying a game of pickleball, Shannon's vibrant personality shines through in all aspects of her life.


In Shannon, clients will find a real estate agent who is not only knowledgeable and professional but also warm and personable. Her unwavering dedication to serving the community and commitment to exceeding expectations make her the trusted partner you need to navigate the San Diego real estate market with confidence

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